Core Values





We recognize that the strength of our organization and our primary asset is our team. Providing a rewarding environment for our employees facilitates growth and encourages staff to reach their full potential. Our commitment to providing equal opportunity employment, continued education incentives and in-house promotion creates a positive workplace environment that inspires collaboration and innovation. Through Structural Technologies investment in our employees, we groom personnel to achieve the level of excellence in order to meet both our company and clientele’s high expectations. Collectively we work as a team to identify, develop and facilitate all aspects of the restoration process to deliver a value-driven approach to building restoration.





At Structural Technologies, we realize that trust is paramount to the success of an organization. Structural Technologies places value both creating and retaining lasting business partnerships with our clientele, these relationships are built on a foundation of trust fostered through unwavering honesty and mutual respect. In order to act as an objective source for building component analysis and develop restoration programs embracing that business model, we are obligated to be both accurate and honest in our reporting to our clientele.





True to the principles upon which Structural Technologies was founded, we remain committed to providing an objective source for the analysis and the development of restoration programs while advocating our client’s long-term objectives. Through focusing on our values of quality, honesty and professionalism we implement our company philosophy to achieve the high standards of service our clients associate with Structural Technologies. Our in-depth, hands-on approach to restoration combined with our extensive experience and industry knowledge provide our clients with a valuable single source for all building restoration needs.