Balconies and guardrails present unique challenges as their vitality is often intertwined with the performance of the building envelope and yet commonly defined as limited common area elements. Consequently, the maintenance of these systems or lack thereof is often referred to the unit owner. Paradoxically, the incentive to report damages or overall deterioration of balcony systems is often postponed until observable and systemic deterioration has already occurred.

Failure to adequately maintain and perform critical restoration of Balcony Systems is not only hazardous but also generally affects the capacity and resilience of the exterior façade and building envelope waterproofing. It is for these reasons and many more that when analyzing a property, structure or complex, Structural Technologies dedicates a significant amount of time to inspection, testing and production of budgetary estimates detailing recommended maintenance and restoration alternatives. Balcony restoration projects which include wood, metal, cast concrete and pre-cast concrete require different initial evaluation procedures to be performed and post-diagnostic analytics to be run accordingly.

Equipped with a depth of experience in developing cost-effective restoration and maintenance solutions for balcony and guardrail systems alike, Structural Technologies’ ability to provide our clients with a safe, durable and code compliant project is respected throughout the industry. Safety issues, as well as Building Code Compliance, are always incorporated into any balcony Study. Comprehensive restoration programs which incorporate any required design modifications, high-performance products, industry-leading reconstruction techniques and cost-effective durable solutions result in optimal performance of any restoration project but are imperative in the design and adaptation of a balcony restoration program. Through Structural Technologies’ enhanced inspection techniques and detailed analysis, our clients are given the multiple alternatives and tiers of restoration, repair, and restoration to address our clients needs while adhering to their budgetary constraints. Through doing so, Structural Technologies is better suited to serve our clients with realistic and attainable goals in maintaining, restoring or replacing balcony systems.

Structural Technologies’ fusion of technology, competence, and experience with our combined customer-centric focus ensures that our client’s best interests are always a priority. This ideology has been the foundation for our diverse portfolio of designed solutions and satisfied customers. Structural Technologies’ specialized training, superior technical expertise, accuracy, precision, and devotion to enhance, evolve and strengthen our knowledge of materials, products, and their applications ensure that your projects and our work exceeds expectation and achieves Structural Technologies’ standard of excellence.

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