Whether you’ve worked with us before or just came across our website for the first time, we want to welcome you to Structural Technologies. Keep reading as we explain who we are, what we do, and how we can play a role in your next project.

Get to Know Us

About 25 years ago, we saw a definite need within the restoration market. It wasn’t long after that we formed a consulting firm dedicated to building solutions. Our team is proud to provide a unique blend of services to the institutional, industrial, governmental, and other markets in the Chicago area.

Structural Technologies is able to identify cost-effective and durable methods of repair and reconstruction. If you’re facing a large and potentially expensive project, then it’s imperative to hire the right team. The Structural Technologies staff will not only help you take the best approach to your project, but also follow through with design, development, and management.

Part of what separates Structural Technologies from the competition is our range of expertise. Let’s take a look at some of our services.

Project Management, Construction Management, and More

Building Restoration

Construction-related problems tend to surface when you least expect it. At Structural Technologies, we don’t settle for temporary, “band-aid” solutions. You can count on us to conceptualize and tailor the scope of the solution to align with project parameters and goals established for success.

No two project budgets are the same. Our construction management professionals go above and beyond in terms of analyzing the existing conditions of your building components. By doing so, we can effectively prioritize restoration programs to fit your financial constraints.

Learn more about building restoration through Structural Technologies and see how we can deliver a better construction experience.

Roof Replacement and Roof Restoration

Did you know that low slope roofing is usually exposed to the most significant combination of weather, rooftop traffic, winds, and pollutants? Over the years, we have surveyed millions of square feet of roofing and have handled the design for over $100 million of such projects. It’s safe to say that Structural Technologies is well-versed when it comes to assessing “as-built” roof conditions, construction, etc.

Here are some of the roof inspection and analysis services we have to offer:

  • On-site analysis of existing roof conditions, drainage, underlying insulation, and perimeter walls through examination of the structure
  • Inspection of supports, structural decking, and any load-bearing walls that may indicate structural damage
  • Development of documentation depicting the roof area, as well as details identifying dimensions and projections
  • Preparation of a roof management plan that details alternatives for repair, restoration, or replacement

Window Replacement and Door Replacement

The right windows and doors allow for an energy-efficient, function, and durable installation. Of course, meeting the appropriate building code plays a critical factor as well. This is where the pros at Structural Technologies enter the equation.

Don’t hesitate to come to us for assistance with door and window replacement projects.

The aforementioned is just a snippet of what we can do for you. Let our experienced team meet the specific goals of your project.

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