Restoration Company Design And Development

As part of our construction management services, our Structural Technologies team provides building restoration. Our building restoration process includes two major parts: design and execution. Our design aspect of the project doesn’t only take into account building codes but also making sure we provide the most functional and efficient design possible. When it comes to executing the custom design, our workmanship is of the highest quality. Throughout the process, each step of the way is meticulously documented for your records and you are kept in the loop each step of the way. Additionally, we will make sure our design and restoration work does not exceed your budget for the project.

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Project And Construction Management Services

At Structural Technologies in Chicago, we provide traditional construction management services to get your project done quickly and correctly. Our construction management services include:

  • Direct supervision of workers to ensure quality and proper procedure
  • Making sure the project is completed within the agreed upon time
  • Making sure that the project is completed either in or under your budget
  • Complete and comprehensive documentation and paperwork for every step of the process
  • A restoration company with many years of experience in restoration, analysis, and structural engineering
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