Management Team

At Structural Technologies, our vision in redefining building restoration process is a conquest realized through the perpetual pursuit of knowledge, technological advancement and achievement. Our dedicated team of managerial and office personnel strive to go above and beyond the terms of our contract to discover, innovate and create systems that meet the specific goals for each and every one of our clients and their respective projects.

At Structural Technologies, aptitude and capability are not merely strengths but the foundation and identity of our company. For this reason, each member of our staff have been groomed through the crucible of training and then further refined through the education of hands on experience.


We are a team, a team of entrepreneurs, builders, makers, thinkers, innovators and doers. Through our own ambition our devotion to the pursuit of perfection ensures that our team is committed not only to exceeding our client’s expectations but also in redefining the restoration industry as a whole.

Our definition of success is not limited to our ability to perform, but also to inspire those around us to succeed and by virtue empowering others to aspire to greatness. We are the men and women behind the curtain, fueling innovation and paving the road for the future.


“Even though your Future May Seem Far away, it is Actually Beginning Right Now.”

At Structural Technologies, we are always looking for talented personnel to add to our team, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just beginning your journey we have a place for someone just like you.