Our dedicated team of service professionals is singularly committed to resolving the specific and often complex issues that arise during a building’s lifecycle. To ensure that we not only meet the expectations of our clients but also achieve our standard of excellence, a member of our staff conducts preliminary interviews with potential clients to review the specific needs, goals and budget constraints governing potential projects. Information obtained through this initial interview process is then incorporated into potential strategies to further analyze existing conditions or to begin strategizing toward a resolution to the issue. Acting strictly in an advisory capacity, we offer our clients either a solution within our diverse professional services portfolio or alternatively provide the resources and contact information of service professionals within our robust portfolio of preferred vendors that may better assist you.

Our principals of integrity, honesty, and excellence govern not only our business practices but are also translated through every client interaction. We believe in delivering unparalleled customer service, professionalism, and performance. Through engaging with our clients on a personal level while working toward building solutions, we aspire to create a positive experience, superb results and a degree of excellence that is only exceeded by our commitment to forging lasting business relations. Our ambition to drive innovation through customer relations has propelled us to pioneer cost-effective solutions to an enormous array of construction-related defects and to meet the specific and unique goals of each and every client.

Inspection & Analysis

Critical to the development of a successful project is the determination of realistic budget figures and estimates to create realistic expectations and achieve optimal results. At Structural Technologies, we ensure that budget figures produced by our team of field technicians and subject matter experts are completed with the precision and the accuracy required to deliver an exact estimate so that resources are not misappropriated.

Project Design & Development

Upon identifying the restoration needs and requirements as defined throughout the inspection and analysis process and after having generated realistic budget figures, our development team then archives that data for potential future use. That way should further action be required to address one or more of the restoration solutions as provided Structural Technologies’ design team is able to execute the development of project specifications and design alternatives with efficiency and precision. Ultimately, it is these governing documents that are used in the implementation of a restoration or replacement program directing the project through written specifications and construction drawings which provide the contractor with specific parameters for material installation and systems performance.

Project Management

Structural Technologies provides on-site project management services including specification enforcement, scope verification, site observation, material documentation and material utility confirmation. Project managerial efforts conducted on our client’s behalf are critical to ensuring not only a project’s success but that the completion exceeds expectation in regard to professionalism and performance. Throughout this process, we work with our clients to determine the appropriate level and frequency of analysis and inspections required to achieve optimal results and as necessary supplementary inspection alternatives to provide additional value added to any given project.