Structural Technologies proactive approach to monitoring your project job site to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget and according to specification is critical to the successful adoption of any restorative, repair, renovation or construction project. Our extensive involvement and investment into our clients are epitomized through our distinct and uncompromising project inspection programs. It is through our custom inspection process, detailed documentation, recording and innovative solutions to project management that Structural Technologies has differentiated ourselves. Our inspection programs to which cover a wide and diverse spectrum of industries, applications, and material sciences can be attributed to our extensive and ongoing investment into education, resources and technologies helping us service our clients better and with greater efficiency. This is the reason that we define our construction management solution as our core competency and the reason that we have been retained via various parties as a subject matter expert to conduct site evaluation and produce construction management solutions.

The ability to obtain objective information from a knowledgeable resource with a depth of experience and understanding across a broad range of construction elements is a valuable resource for any association, property manager, building/facilities manager or owner.

We approach every project with an attitude of “ownership” which translates to a level of care, understanding, and involvement which resulting in innovative and creative solutions specifically designed for each client while incorporating their concerns and constraints.

We believe in delivering unparalleled customer service, professionalism, and performance. Through engaging with our clients on a personal level while working toward building solutions, we aspire to create a positive experience, superb results and a degree of excellence that is only exceeded by our commitment to forging lasting business relations. Our ambition to drive innovation through customer relations has propelled us to pioneer cost-effective solutions to an enormous array of construction-related defects and to meet the specific and unique goals of each and every client.

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