Developer Transition Studies sometimes referred to as a “turnover inspection” is a cumulative evaluation and assessment of a property to aid in the transition of ownership from the developer or managing partner to the association/association board.

Given that this process is to occur near the inception of the association, oftentimes the association board itself is in its infancy and requires guidance as to the condition of the association’s common area elements and communal assets.


As with every great journey, the first steps toward success are grounded in the creation of a well-founded strategy, and as such, it is critical that an association has an accurate roadmap. Consider Structural Technologies your guide through this construction management process.

Through our meticulously structured approach to reviewing completed construction in addition to analyzing the condition of association-managed common area components, we are able to not only to determine areas of concern but also produce a forecasted budget for managing projected capital expenditures as well as produce recommended accounting strategies so that those projects are fully funded.


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