Focused on precision, our qualified team of field experts provides in-depth property condition assessments so that you have the valuable data required prior to investing, restoring or remodeling your property, building or facility.

Consider Structural Technologies as your property physician. A facility condition assessment is much like having your building or property have a checkup performed. Now although it is recommended that patients regularly schedule doctor’s appointments this piece of common advice is rarely practiced, in fact, it is exponentially more likely for a patient to schedule a doctor’s appointment upon identifying symptoms alerting them to the fact that they have become ill. This is often the case as with property condition assessments, although it is recommended that a building or property’s health is tended to with the same care and patients that a person’s well-being demands this practice is seldom taken. We understand we are not here to scrutinize or to lay blame, rather, our function is to report with the objectivity and the bedside manner that is to be expected from a professional. Our structured approach to accurately identify and report the sum of a building or properties components according to ATSM 2018-15 has proven to be an invaluable resource for our clients so that they may proactively manage a property or make an informed decision prior to investing.


In addition, given the depth of analysis performed by our field technicians, we are also able to provide solution based reporting sometimes referred to as building diagnostic surveys in conjunction with property condition assessments. Through this analysis, we forecast futures of itemized property components as included under the property condition assessments to determine the relative cost of projected building restoration solutions and alternatives for resource management purposes. Armed with this information our clients are able to accurately budget for future projects and utilize this prioritized data to address property condition concerns with a clearly defined scope and objective.

Comprehensive Facility Management Services

ProTech software is an asset management program designed around one specific goal: to provide proactive management of the building envelope. ProTech was created from the idea that it is time that we evolve our thinking as it relates to building restoration. As the philosopher and physicist Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The current trend in the building restoration industry and the predominant concentration of restoration programs have always been fixing construction defects and issues as they arise. Structural Technologies ProTech state-of-the-art proprietary computer software delivers the most detail-driven insight in the industry with accurate cost estimates of your maintenance and restoration needs. Utilizing this program, Structural Technologies is then able to provide critical maintenance schedules, maximizing the effectiveness of your operating budget through prioritizing building maintenance and restoration projects.

In order for Structural Technologies to provide a proactive management program, we need data – lots and lots of data. The initial design and development phase of the ProTech Asset Management Strategy is the essential mechanism that allows Structural Technologies to manage your building restoration needs. It is at this phase that Structural Technologies implements the holistic analysis of all your building components to determine their effective lifecycle. This allows us to develop a strategy tailored to your building restoration needs.
As a ProTech customer, you get full access to the entire breadth of services Structural Technologies provides. What that means to you is that, for a quarterly fee, not only will we keep you up to date on upcoming maintenance and restoration intervals determined through our asset depreciation study, but Structural Technologies will inspect, design and manage all of your building restoration needs. Structural Technologies, Inc. provides consulting services for project development including; specifications, bid documents, pre-qualification of contractors, job-site management and inspection services, payment and warranty administration, final inspections, financial management services and punchlists. These services are provided to facilitate accurate bidding and application of materials in compliance with building code and published material manufacturer requirements. Our field experience, objective analysis and detailed material installation specifications combined with on-site quality control inspections result in high-quality cost-effective solutions to your building restoration and maintenance requirements.

ProTech Asset Management

Structural Technologies is committed to providing our customers with the most cost-effective innovative solutions the industry has to offer. How much does this service cost? The simple answer to this question is “Not as much as you think.” Initial analysis and development are based on the size and scope of our analysis to be included on your property. This figure is determined according to the estimated man-hours required to provide the depth ProTech Asset Management requires in order to maximize the effectiveness of your study and compile and index all of your building components. ProTech Management is the comprehensive management strategy which implements the findings developed in the ProTech analysis phase. Through ProTech Asset Management, Structural Technologies keeps managerial staff informed of upcoming maintenance and restoration projects, updates property drawings as required and manages building restoration needs proactively. ProTech Asset Management software prepares cost savings analysis to justify upcoming maintenance and restoration projects so that managerial and facilities maintenance staff can see the return on investment. This service is subject to a one-year contract and varies based on the size of the property and quantity of components managed.

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