Through objectively analyzing the existing conditions of your building components, Structural Technologies is able to prioritize restoration programs to fit your financial constraints and develop restoration initiatives.

Critical to the development of an effective project budget or restoration program is the initial analysis of existing building or property conditions. With over 20 years of expertise in the field, our extensive knowledge of building components and their effective life cycle can prepare you for future projects, discover the source of an existing problem or provide a prioritized list of future restoration needs and their respective budgets.

In addition to general inspection and analysis, Structural Technologies’ state of the art proprietary computer software delivers you the most detail-driven insight in the industry with accurate cost estimates of your maintenance and restoration needs.

Detailed Analysis & Reports

Detailed or Summary Condition Analysis & Reports for Roofing, Exterior Walls, Balconies/Decks, Concrete, Parking Garages & Structures, etc.

  • Provide Restoration & Replacement Recommendations & Budget Estimates.
  • Perform Enhanced Reserve Studies, Budget Forecasting, Critical Building Inspections & Developer Transition Studies

Managed & Designed

Accurate Documentation

Accurate documentation and reporting of observed construction conditions allow the client to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action. Realistic budget forecasting based on comparable projects designed and managed by Structural Technologies Inc. prevents underfunding and cost overruns.

Additional Services

As necessary, additional contracted services including thermal analysis, off-site material testing, Structural Engineer review or investigation, chemical testing or forensic analysis will be coordinated through Structural Technologies Inc. to ensure a convergence of assessment and the evolution of appropriate corrective measures.

What We Do

Structural Technologies, Inc. provides a unique blend of building analysis services to the commercial, institutional, industrial, governmental and condominium markets.

We have provided consulting services and expertise to building owners, architects, and associations when they required developer transition studies, reserve studies, specific analysis of roofs, exterior walls, balconies, pavement, parking garages, windows and doors and common area elements.

Best Of All, We Don’t Abandon You

After completing the inspection, we are capable of developing specifications for your project, assisting with the solicitation of bids and ultimately providing project supervision during the implementation of those solutions to make certain you get what you paid for.