Low-Slope Roof Replacement

At Structural Technologies in Chicago, we offer roof replacement and roof repair services for your business’ buildings. Low slope business roof replacement and roof repair can often be tricky, that’s why it’s best to hire an expert with experience and value engineering skills like Structural Technologies. We will help you identify any problems with your low-slope roof and work with you to address them with the smartest possible solutions. Every step of the repair or replacement process is well-documented and transparent. That way you are involved and aware of what is being done and why every step of the way.

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Construction Forensics & Expert Witness Services

From time to time, courtrooms and attorneys may find themselves seeking professional consultation for a given case. At Structural Technologies, we have experience serving the judicial system as an expert witness. As a part of one of our many consulting services, we can come into a courtroom and help explain relevant technical information, conduct an on-site construction forensic investigation, and present the necessary data and findings to the court. At Structural Technologies in Chicago, we are accredited as a preferred consultant for the State of Illinois Capital Development Projects. We also have someone available that maintains accreditation status by continually attending seminars and educational training.

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Steep Slope Shingle Roof Replacement

Steep slope roofing is both aesthetically appealing and proves to be functional as well. Steep slope roofs shed off water more efficiently, are subjected to less harsh treatment by the sun and other outdoor elements, and are available in a wide variety of materials. Here at Structural Technologies, our value engineering team members are professionals at helping businesses repair and replace roofs made of materials such as:

  • Shingles
  • Cedar shake
  • Concrete clay
  • Slate tile
  • Metal
  • Synthetic and composite materials
  • Solar panels

Contact us to learn more about our steep slope roof replacement options and to schedule roof repair on your businesses roof today. We go above and beyond code compliance to make sure your roof is as optimal and efficient as possible.

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Exterior Wall Restoration

At Structural Technologies, our value engineering services also cover exterior wall restoration. Over time, building facades can break down, fade, or become dated. We know that each and every building is different and special, that’s why we treat them so. We use advanced building diagnostic techniques to analyze your project’s needs and use the results to guide our work moving forward. If your once beautiful building facade could use a little love, reach out to our value engineering team at Structural Technologies in Chicago. We are experienced at working with building facades of hundreds of different materials like composite siding, laminate, shear plank, curtain wall systems, brick, concrete, and much more.

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Fenestration (Window & Door) Replacement

The right windows and doors can make or break the look of your business or building in numerous ways. Aesthetically speaking, the right fenestration can completely change the look of your building — for better or for worse. Let our experts at Structural Technologies in Chicago help you create the perfect aesthetic with our fenestration services.

Additionally, the right fenestration can save your business money. Modern windows and doors are much more energy efficient, so replacing your outdated ones can actually help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Call our fenestration team today and learn how you can save energy, save money, and refresh the look of your building.

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Balcony Restoration

Balconies are a beautiful addition to any structure, but after a while, they might need some attention. Our value engineering team at Structural Technologies in Chicago has years of experience restoring the beauty and safety in balconies. Balconies can often be a unique challenge to restore since they are often combined with integral parts of the building structure. Make sure you entrust your restoration project to a team like Structural Technologies to get the job done safely and properly.

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Asphalt & Concrete Building Restoration

Concrete and asphalt are strong, affordable, and versatile materials that play a crucial role in many structures. Unfortunately, like anything else, they deteriorate over time. Our value engineering team at Structural Technologies in Chicago can help breathe new life back into your building by:

  • Removing and replacing asphalt and concrete
  • Fortifying sub-soil and drainage
  • Resurfacing and restoring surfaces
  • Repairing aged or damaged concrete and asphalt
  • Sealing any cracks and performing other preventive maintenance

Contact us today to start your concrete and asphalt services and to learn more about our restoration company’s services.

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